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Omsi 2 Hamburg Tag Und Nacht Download

OMSI 2 Hamburg Tag und Nacht: A Realistic Bus Simulator Add-on

If you are a fan of bus simulation games, you might have heard of OMSI 2, a realistic and immersive bus simulator for PC. OMSI 2 lets you drive various types of buses in different cities and scenarios, with realistic physics, traffic, passengers, weather, and more. But did you know that you can also drive your bus through the beautiful city of Hamburg, day and night, with the OMSI 2 Hamburg Tag und Nacht add-on?


OMSI 2 Hamburg Tag und Nacht is an official add-on for OMSI 2 that features two authentic Hamburg bus lines: the 109 and the 688. You can drive your 40ft city bus from the 1990s in multiple versions on these lines, passing famous Hamburg tourist spots such as the city hall, main station, St. Michaelis church and the Reeperbahn in St. Pauli. The add-on also includes all the real-world buildings, streets, signs, bus stops and additional objects that make Hamburg such a unique and charming city. You can even experience the altitude differences in the terrain, based on data provided by the state survey office.

The add-on also features many new and updated elements that enhance the realism and immersion of the game. For example, you can use a digital ticket printer, Euro currency, new tickets and original announcements in your bus. You can also encounter new AI vehicles such as microcars and transporters, as well as Hamburg U-/S-Bahn trains and Alsterdampfer (steamboats). The add-on also comes with a new drivable vehicle: the 1994 express bus.

OMSI 2 Hamburg Tag und Nacht is a must-have add-on for OMSI 2 fans who want to experience a realistic and immersive bus simulation in one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Don't miss this opportunity to drive your bus through Hamburg day and night!

If you are interested in downloading this add-on, you can buy it from Steam for $14.99. You will need the base game OMSI 2: Steam Edition to play it. Alternatively, you can also download it from other websites such as, but make sure to check the compatibility and security of the files before installing them.

We hope you enjoy this add-on and have fun driving your bus in Hamburg!



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