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Two Man Bicycle Store


Serving Our Community's Biking Needs

Cloverdale Community Cycles is a full service bicycle repair shop. We carry new and used bikes parts, fully tuned used bikes as well as new bikes. Our goal is to get people riding regardless of their financial status. Whether a bike is $20 or $5000, we repair and maintain them equally well. The shop is a partnership of Cloverdale Community Kitchen, 3C Bikes, and Cyclists in our community. We are fully open to the community. Bicycle donations and service income is what allows us to provide bikes to those in the community who may not be able to ride otherwise. 

Cloverdale Community Cycles was born from a desire to see our local homeless friends have a reliable method of transportation. Often times, bikes were given to them but as soon as they needed repair they often ended up in the garbage. Our mission has grown and expanded to providing affordable, reliable bikes for all people as well as access to professional mechanic services. 

We have developed a volunteer program where people are able to use their skills and learn more, giving them the opportunity to pour back into their community. We also accept bike donations all year around, which we use to resell and recycle, keeping our prices affordable and bikes out of the landfill.

One other unique service that we offer is bike restoration. If you have a vintage bike that you love and don't want to part with, or an old family bike with sentimental value, we can help you extend their life. Most bike shops will refuse to work on older bikes, but we see the value in keeping these older beauties on the road and will take the time to work on them. (Individual quotes will be needed for these as they all require a different amount of love and unique parts)

Come be apart of something bigger than yourself and support us through getting your bike serviced and maintained, donating bikes and parts, or volunteering with us. We'd love to have you on our team!

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I have always been an active, adventurous type. Growing up I was in competitive tumbling, working and playing on the farm and always finding new experiences to challenge myself when I could.

MTB – When I was in college, I bought my first mountain bike and was immediately addicted. I spent hours riding, racing XC mountain bike events, and started doing my own bike maintenance. During this time, I was coaching at the tumbling National Competition in Colorado since I could not compete because of a broken ankle. That is when I was recruited by an acrobatic dunk team.  This led me to traveling and living across the United States, Asia, and Italy.

Road – I fell in love in Italy, with a Colnago. Every spare penny went towards a beautifully crafted, full Italian road bike. I rode everywhere while soaking in the European cycling culture, during the Lance Armstrong TDF era. Growing in riding experience and bike knowledge, after a few years my Colnago traveled back to the United States with me.

                Eventually moving to California and starting my first official mechanic job at City Bikes in Sacramento, then on to Hawaii.  I worked at a couple more bike shops and fell in love with triathlon on the island where Ironman was born.  Riding with a team and learning alongside experienced mechanics my knowledge grew and so did my new obsession.  Eventually reality set in and I had to return to the mainland.

Triathlon – In a major turning point in my life I started working as a truck driver. To fuel my passion and push myself, I immersed myself in triathlons and the goal of doing an Ironman.  Learning the geometry and technology of tri bikes to shave every extra second from my past races, I built myself the ultimate speed machine. To this day, that bike is my go-to for long, mind clearing rides. And yes, it is all about the bike. After years of preparation and training, I was able to race Madison Ironman in Wisconsin.

Cyclocross – I suppose I needed a new challenge once reaching my Ironman goals, this is where cyclocross comes in. It is good to keep pushing yourself and try new things. Of course, with a new “sport” comes new technology, gear (N+1), and racing. The Cyclocross culture made every race day feel like a party. Great friends were made and lots of bike maintenance and repairs were necessary!  After building multiple cross bikes, all I wanted to do was ride them everywhere.

Gravel - The desire to ride these new bikes led to the discovery of gravel riding, right at the start of the explosion of gravel riding. It turned out that living in Northern Illinois, with the Driftless Area in my back yard, offered hundreds of miles of quiet, open gravel roads.  The constant drive to experience the most of life eventually gave me the push I needed to get out of truck driving and move North West. Moving to Langley, BC was my reentry into full time bike maintenance. This time armed with a lot more knowledge and experience.

Loving the culture in BC, I immediately started working at MEC in the bike shop. While not a bike shop in the truest sense, it was a great introduction to all the outdoor activities that BC has to offer as well as continuing my bike knowledge through clinics, classes, and certifications.  I ride gravel, road, mixed surfaces, and trails in this beautiful area. I also enjoy club rides with United Velo, taking the opportunity to ride with new people in new places. My next adventure is to take riding even further and get into bike packing.  I am excited for all of the space that I still have to explore here and the new thing I have yet to learn.

These group rides led to meeting my current boss. I am now the manager of a community bike shop – Cloverdale Community Cycles. I am grateful to have found a bike related job where I am able to do what I love and help others at the same time. At CCC, our goal is to get and keep people riding, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Ride for life.  Cycling and community for all.

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